The first meeting of the Scientific Committee of the Conference on 07/12/1437

 Scientific Committee met under the chairmanship of Dr. Saad bin Saeed Al-Qarni, Dean of the Institute of the History of Arab and Islamic Sciences and Chairman of the Scientific Committee of the Conference,he blessed the opening of the conference works and discussed many topics including:
1. Review the work of the Scientific Committee, the committee early preparations were looking at all the Commission's tasks to be accomplished were distributed to Members

2. The request for an inventory of all the names of scientists, researchers and interested parties on the Arab and Islamic science and, in particular,  applied & Medical Sciences, as well as setup new electronic site and e-mail for the conference and prepare the integrated file of the conference in English and Arabic.

2. Review Conference file where attendees discussed the buttock required to prepare a vision, mission, objectives and themes of the conference as well as the theme of the conference, also discussed the content of the file specifications and requirements to participate the conference.
The Committee recommended to quickly accomplish tasks and proficiency to appear worthy of Imam Muhammad bin Saud Islamic University.




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