Announcement for Employment

Position Title:
            Computer Science Faculty Positions (Assistant, associate and Professors)

Position Description:
The College of Computer & Information Sciences of Imam University is looking for enthusiastic, self-motivated, dynamic, and innovated research oriented Ph.D. degree holder faculty member for the position of Assistant Professors, Associate Professors and Professors. Candidates will be evaluated on their academic background, communication skills, potential for excellence in teaching , scholarly activity, service to the college, the ability to creating new ideas and  directions to
    • Information Studies
    • Information Science
    • Information Management
    • Knowledge Management
    • Management Information Systems
    • Bioinformatics
    • Health Informatics
    • Content Management
    • Informatics
    • Digital Libraries
    • Search Engines
    • Digital Archiving
    • Any other discipline related to Information Sciences

Experience in ABET Accreditation and Certified professionals in quality Assurance are preferred.

Benefits in General
    • Competitive Salary.
    • Campus Accommodation or Accommodation Allowance.
    • University Medical Center.
    • Supportive Environment of  Research.
    • Research Grants Opportunities.

Please submit a statement with your academic background, teaching background & philosophy, research interest and publications, along with detailed curriculum vitae. Application and letters should be sent via electronic mail to &