Notice and Invitation For Master Thesis Examination (Nuha Almoqren)

Notice and Invitation

Master Thesis Examination

College of Computer and Information Sciences
Department of Information Systems
Nuha Abdulmohsen Almoqren
Bachelor of Science in Information Technology, College of Computer and Information Sciences, King Saud University, 2008

Factors Affecting the Adoption and Implementation of Data Mining Techniques to Harness Big Data in Saudi

Tuesday, March, 8, 2016, 1:00 PM (28/5/1437)
Male: IS Department Council Meeting Room
Female: Bldg. 24, Room 4A-237
All are invited to attend.

Dr. Mohamed Altayar, Advisor
Dr. Abdullah Almubarraz, Committee Member (Examiner)
Dr. Abdul Rahman Alasem, Committee Member (Examiner)
In the information era, increasing the volume and diversity of forms for data has also become a demand for real-time data. The Banking sector has started realizing the need for technological solutions, which led to the use of Big Data and Data Mining (DM) tools, where both are playing significant and effective role to create business value in banks. This research seeks to identify the factors influencing the adoption and implementation of data mining to harness big data in Saudi Bank.
According to the findings, the adoption and implementation of data mining to harness big data are affected by many factors including: organizational, environmental, technological, human and work-related factors, financial, system quality, information quality, service quality and perceived benefits. In addition, banks experience several and considerable barriers to the adoption of big data mining technology, and this is because the IT infrastructure is not adequate and it is costly to implement such technologies. One of the most significant findings is the fact that the adoption and implementation of big data mining technology can improve banking information system and have positive impact on system quality, information quality, and service quality.