1. Post-Graduates Office:





The main task of the office is to facilitate the researcher's task, including receiving the queries of students related to admission and registration, everything related to the general academic status of the student during the study period or after the discussion. The office also receives graduation requests for master and doctorate, requests related to postponement and additional opportunities, deletion and sources. It is also responsible for organizing scientific research activities, coordinating the supervision of scientific research and receiving members' research for academic activities.


2. Students’ Affairs Unit:

ِA. Examination Unit:


     Examination Unit is responsible for preparing, approving and publishing examinations schedules including Mid-terms, final, alternative, and conflict exams. It is also responsible for nominating the Audit Committee and the Invigilation Committee. Also, it prepares daily and final reports to follow the progress of work. The unit is also responsible for keeping answer sheets and grade submission forms.

B. Academic Advising Unit:


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     The Academic Advising Unit is the first link between the student and the professor of the subject. It conducts informative meetings for female students to guide them in their academic pursue. It is concerned with reducing the rate of failure and grade decline by following up with the academic records of students.


3. Academic Control Unit:


  Academic Control Unit is concerned with posting schedules of each classroom, lectures punctuality and attendance, and submitting weekly reports.


4. Schedules and Reports Unit:

A. Schedules:


      Concerning the schedules, the unit is responsible for distributing and assigning subjects to faculty of the college and in the colleges of the university as needed and requested. 


B. Reports:


 In regard to the reports, the unit receives work reports of each semester from the college’s units to conduct the final report of the college. It is also concerned with technicalities of work such as the official email of all units and updating data. It also receives suggestions and initiatives to enhance the quality of production.     


5. The Unit of Extracurricular Activities:


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 The unit of extracurricular Activates is concerned with finding activities that help in developing English language skills and discovering and developing the creative talents of female students. It also motivates students to work together to enhance their social skills which helps in creating an entertaining learning environment outside the classroom.