An activity about Nobel Prize 2016 in Physics is organized by the Department of Physics in the female section

The Department of Physics at the College of Science held an activity entitled Nobel Prize on Thursday 27/ Nov/2016 from 9:15 AM to 10:30 AM, in the Grand Hall of building no. 323. The activity was organized by students from the Department of Physics and supervised by Ms. Tarfah Al-'Ienad. Among the audience was Ms. Mervat AL-Zumay', vice head of the Department of Physics; Dr.Muna Al-'Asfoor, vice head of the Department of Math; and other faculty members and students from the college.

Activity agenda:

* The seminar began with a religious introduction presented by Maha Al-Enezi, a student.                    

* Introduction about Nobel and his prize presented by Ala' Al-Basheer, a student .                                                                                                  

* Information and competition about the scientist Marie Curie.                       

* Nobel Prize 2016 presented by Al-Joharah Al-Zahrani, a student .                 

* A lecture kindly presented by Dr. Mohammad Abdulrafe'.               

* Various competitions.                                                                                  

* A closing statement with thanks for all participants and the Department of Physics.                                                                                                       

The Department of Physics expressed its gratitude for the support and encouragement shown by Dr. Ahmad Al-Qu'ood, head of the department; and Ms. Mervat Al-Zumay', vice head of the department; may Allah bless all their efforts and make the students reap their benefit. The Department also thanked Ms. Tarfah Al-'Inad, activity supervisor, for all her great efforts for the scientific activities at the department and for linking these specific activities to academic disciplines.