The Department of Physics students - male section – visit the Research Center at King Faisal Specialist Hospital & Research Center

The Department of Physics has arranged a scientific field visit for some of the outstanding students - male section - to the Research Center at King Faisal Specialist Hospital Specialist Hospital & Research Center (KFSH&RC) on Monday 31 Oct, 2016. The Delegation was accompanied by Dr. Ahmed ibn Mohammad Al-Qu'ood, the head of the Department of Physics; and Dr. Ra'id ibn Hussain Al-Hathlool, the vice dean of the College for Development and Quality and the director of the Research Center.                                                             

KFSH&RC is considered as an outstanding center for medical sciences and researchers with highest standards of scientific environment. The center focuses on advanced clinical practice standards and diagnostic and treatment capacity such as: nuclear medicine, radiation and radiology. The center has 15 departments and centers with various programs. The center includes 15 departments and centers, and several programs some of which were included in the visit, namely: the Department of Biomedical Physics, and the Department of Cyclotron and Radiopharmaceuticals. 

Dr. Salamah Rahmah has addressed the audience with a detailed presentation of Cyclotron and its working mechanism from a physics point of view and the medical usage of the device. Then, Dr. Rahmah accompanied the delegation to Clean Rooms laboratories. Then, the delegation moved to the Hot Cells laboratory where Mr. Barakat Al-Kinany provided the students with important information about the lab and the medical services of the center. Mr. Ibrahim Al-Gayn and Mr. Farid Mahyoob took the students to Dosimeter Lab in the Biomedical Physics Department where they were given explanations about the lab, measurement methods, and calibration procedures. Eng. Sa'ad ibn Jam'an made an outstanding presentation about Gamma Irradiation Facility which provides services for sterilization, disinfection, and radiation effect studies for KFSH&RC departments and healthcare products' manufacturers in the Kingdom. Gamma irradiation is a simple and safe process involving the exposure of products to radiation from an intense cobalt-60 gamma source, for a pre-determined time so as to receive a prescribed sterilizing dose.                 


At the end of the visit, Dr. Al-Hathlool and Dr. Al-Qu'ood thanked KFSH&RC for the warm welcome and the organized visit for the physics students to investigate and explore scientific and research fields to establish a common experience base about practical life as a physics graduate. They also expressed their readiness to contribute to the further development of relations in training and research.                                                                                  

Such visits aim to introduce the most outstanding national institution with their scientific achievements to the students. Through these activities, students will be able to have a practical experience that prepares them for occupations that contribute to their communities.                                                               

The following students participated in the visit: Sa'eed ibn Ali Al-Ghamdi, Abdullatif ibn Salem Al-Yami, Ali ibn Sa'eed al Kanad, Talal Faraj Al-Mutairi, Mohamad ibn Ali Al-'Orf, and Haytham Al-Abdulsalam.                    

It is worth mentioning that the Physics Department thanked Dr. Al-Hathlool, the head of the Department of Physics, and his secretary Mr. Khaled Al-Khar'an for their great efforts in organizing this visit .                                                           

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