Administrators ceremony report of the College of Sciences -1st semester 1437/1438 AH

The College of Sciences held "The College of Science Female Administrators Ceremony of the First Semester 1438 AH" with the presence of Dr. Abeer Al-Nahdi, the vice dean of the College; Dr. Muna Al-Osfur, the vice head of the Department of Math and Statistics; Ms.Mervat Al-Zemi', the vice head of the Department of Physics; Dr. Ibtisam Al-Dewish, the assistant of the vice dean of the college for quality and development; and the College of Science administrators. Dr. Abeer Al-Nahdi's address included the following:

Some of the achievements of the college in the field of scientific research such as honoring a selection of faculty for their contribution to research. The outstanding achievement of   the college website which has gained the first place twice in a row at the level of colleges and deanships. Dr. Al-Nahdi has thanked and expressed her appreciation for the efforts of Ms. Hanadi Ja'moom, head of the exams committee; Dr. Ibtisam Al-Dewish, assistant of the vice dean of the college for quality and development, and her secretary, Ms. Amal Al-Wesaidi. She has concluded by encouraging all college staff to be cooperative and to improve their performance so that the college of science and its attendees remain a role model.

She also honored a number of female employees for their good performance: Ms. Huda Al-Jerays, Ms. Nouf Al-Malki, Ms. Fatimah Al-Sewedan, and Ms.Sufanah Al-Meukhailed.

Ms. Hanadi Ja'moom, the head of the exams committee, gave a speech to emphasize that performance is an important criterion for organizational outcomes and success. She also honored a large number of female employees who have had an effective impact on the success of the exams of this semester.