A student on a scholarship from the Department of Math and Statistics developed a new statistical program in Australia

The College of Science had made great efforts in encouraging all staff members to achieve research excellence and to finish their master's and doctorate whether inside Saudi Arabia or abroad. More than 40 students, male and female, have a scholarship in different majors. One of them is Mr. Salem ibn Ali ibn Salih Al-Yami, from the Department of Math and Statistics, who has a scholarship for the doctoral degree at Monash University in Australia. Salem Al-Yami received Graduate Studies Publications Award at its fourth session 2016. During his scientific work with a group of researchers in the Math Department at Monash University, he developed a new statistical program.

As a reward, he received a scholarship from Monash University for 3 months. His statistical program, designed within his doctorial project, serves many fields especially the medical and biological fields through elaboration for available data on the following conditions: prevalence of cancer, brain swelling, hypocalcemia, severe headaches, and syncope, and identifying which condition causes the occurrence of the other.                                                                                             

A website for the program will be launched at the beginning of 2017, and it will be free for all researchers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and through which a significant number of variables and medical symptoms up to one hundred can be dealt with.                                                                      

It is worth mentioning that Al-Yami has received three rewards for excellence in research while working on his doctoral degree and he aspires to contribute to the development of  Saudi research and scholars in Australia to lead innovators and developers. This contribution will motivate many scholarship students to compete for research scholarships offered by universities. He also stated that working toward accomplishing a degree in the university does not interfere with the voluntary work for two years in the Saudi Club in Melbourne.

Salem Al-Yami was in the spotlight in the Saudi and Australian media, by the grace of Allah and thanks to his achievement.

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