The first seminar of the Department of Physics in the second semester presented by Dr. Rajeh ‘Atiyah Khaleefah Hussain

The Scientific Committee held its first seminar of the Department of Physics in the second semester of the academic year 1437/1438 entitled: "The Concept of the Molecular Modeling as an Approach for Exploring Materials Properties". The seminar was presented by Dr. Rajeh Atiyah Khaleefah Hussain, assistant professor in the Department of Physics on Tuesday 28- 2- 2017 at 10:00 AM, for half an hour, followed by the audience's questions and comments.                            

Dr. Hussain, the presenter of the seminar, started with an introduction about the molecular modeling and the extent of its progress in the condensed matter studies. Then, he explained how to find the properties of the materials at the atomic level depending on the basis of quantum mechanics. The discussion was held on several points in which a number of faculty and students of the departments participated about the matter phenomenon and the solutions for most of the problems of the condensed matter.                                                                                                                

This seminar is one of a series of seminars held semimonthly by the scientific committee in the Department of Physics presented by the faculty of the department and researchers from other research institutions. these seminars are supervised by Dr. Ra'id Al-Hathlool, the head of the Scientific Committee, and organized by Dr. Jaber Al-Ghool, a member of the Scientific Committee. These Committees aim to keep the faculty informed about  the latest developments in physical sciences. It is worth mentioning that all university staff including faculty members, employees, and students are allowed to attend these seminars.