A lecture entitled"Electromagnetic Field Sensor Based Anomalies Monitoring and Diagnostic in Petrochemical Plants"byProfessor Dr. Ali Hannaash

Professor Dr. Ali Hannaash presents the second scientific seminar at Physics Department

The Scientific Committee at Physics Department organized its second seminar of the academic year 1436 / 1437 AH, entitled:

 "Electromagnetic Field Sensor Based Anomalies Monitoring and Diagnostic in Petrochemical Plants" 

 Given by Professor of the Department Dr. Ali SaaleH Hannesh,   on Tuesday, 7 Muharram, 1437 AH, 20 October, 2015 AD, at 11:00 a.m. for half an hour. The seminar was followed by remarks and questions from the audience.

 Professor Ali SaaleH Hannash started the lecture revising electromagnetic fields theory, then directly moved to power generating engineering systems. He mentioned types of loss associated with the generating operations and the methods of detecting malfunction types which would lead to disasters. Professor Hannash stated that many of the problems causing phase delay in operating types could be attributed to electromagnetic field frequencies having different values at the same phase and  do not vanish after a complete cycle. Accordingly, Professor Hannash presented a Laplace formula based mathematical model by using Forber's fast transmission to trace the field wave type which appears at changing the phase representing time deteriorating of the energy transmission system device. This mathematical model is very accurate and with it deteriorating running of electromagnetic system can be detected. In conclusion, staff members participated in the discussion which was about realizing sensors used to overturn and detect the phase besides the basics on which the used model is constructed. Then, the organizing Scientific Committee thanked Professor Ali Hannash for the excellent presentation, and for enriching the scientific field. The Committee also thanked the Physics Department staff members for attending.    

 For more information about the seminar you may see the briefing below:


  Aims of the seminar are summarized in detecting and analyzing extraordinary cases at petrochemical plants by using Khabeer Electronic system. The main objectives are represented in developing a dual sensor method in the air opening to detect the petrochemical pumps. In order to model the system, an analytical technique was used. A double dimension detailed physio-mathematical model is used to produce a general formula about the missing electromagnetic range through sensing devices, then describing the important physical phenomena taking place in energy transmission system. Signal processing and data analysis were carried out by using Fourier fast diverting algorithms. Finally, great interest was given to the content of agreements as a method to diagnose disordered signals by using a detection system along with accurate processing of data to continuously study selected agreements.

Tuesday 07/01/1437 H 20/10/2015 M