Dr. Shareef Nimr holds a seminar on Neutrino Oscillations (Flipping) - this year (2015) Nobel Prize subject in Physics

The Scientific Committee of the Physics Department organized a scientific seminar entitled:

                           ​                            "Neutrino Oscillations (Flipping)"

  Dr. Shareef Nimr Abualrrab, Assistant Professor of the Physics Department, gave the seminar, from 9:00 to 10:00 a.m., on Thursday, 07 Safar, 1437 AH - 19 November, 2015 AD. The main point of the seminar was Neutrino Oscillations (Flipping). This seminar comes on the occasion of giving the Noble Prize 2015 to the scientists who discovered this phenomenon.
At the beginning of the seminar, Dr. Shareef gave a historic briefing about discovering neutrino and the most prominent achievements of discovering it and its reality which the standard criterion could not explain. Dr. Shareef explained the suppositions which enabled to get to two types of neutrino which have two roles reflected in what is called the Helistic. Dr. Shareef also stated the types of detectors which have been built in both Japan and Canada to detect the neutrino coming from the sun. For more information, please see the seminar briefing below:

It is worth mentioning that this seminar is addressed to the Physics Department students in the first place. It aims at enriching scientific culture of their major and informing them in a simple way about the Nobel Prize 2015 subject. The Head of the Department Dr. Ahmad Al-Qa'ud and a group of staff members attended the seminar. Dr. Ahmad Al-Qa'ud gave a speech at the end of the seminar and thanked the speaker for his efforts and thanked the students for coming and encouraged and urged them for more hardwork. The Scientific Committee also, represented by its chairman Dr. Ra'ed Al-Hathloul, thanked the students for coming as well as the speaker, Dr. Shareef for the distinguished topic. Appreciation was also given to both of   Dr. Haatem Dheraar for organizing the seminar and Dr. Muhammad Waasef for announcing it. 

1- Beta Spectrum 1914,

2- Pauli Hypothesis,

3- Chadwick and discovering the neutrino 1932, Vermi,

4- Reines and Cowan 1950 (inverse beta decay),

5- Telegram of Pauli,

 6- Pontecorvo suggests neutrino oscillation such as the Cajun 1957,

7- Alapton Konopnesca numbers and Mahmoud,

8- Anti neutrino,

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 10- Solar neutrino and its problems,

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  1. The neutrino must have a mass,

Neutrino flavor volatility is considered a basic quantity phenomenon, it is a distinctive mass  overlap cases

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