A Physics Department delegation visits the Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization

A Physics Department delegation visits the Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization:

A delegation from the Physics Department visited the Saudi Standard, Metrology and Quality Organization on Wednesday, 22 MuHarram, 1437 AH - 4 November, 2015. The delegation included a batch of the Department students and was headed by Dr. Raa'ed Hussein Al-Hathloul, college vice dean for development and quality and department staff member.

The delegation was received by his Excellency Dr. Mas'ad Al-Muteiri at the National  Measurement and Calibration Center, and members of the center including supervisors and researchers. The visit was initiated with a meeting in the center meeting hall. Dr. Mas'ad started the meeting by welcoming the delegation noting that more than 80% of the center staff are Saudi university Physics Department graduates. He urged the students to work harder and get scientific and practical experience during their university study. Dr. Al-Muteiri informed that not only the center but also the whole organization opens its doors for the students of the Physics Department of Al-Imam Mohammad Ibn Saud Islamic University at the levels of training or employment. Then, Dr. Ra'ed Al-Hathloul thanked the organization and the center for receiving the delegation and offering the opportunity for the students to learn about the research and application fields.He stated that the purpose of the visit had several aspects, including: -informing the students about the application areas of what they have theoretically studied which would increase their understanding and enjoyment; showing them an area of employment after graduation. The visit would also positively affect cooperation between the department and the organization at the research level among staff members or supervision of students' graduation research or projects.

The organization showed an introductory video including its vision, message, and goals. The most important labs in the organization were also showed. After the show, students were given the opportunity to ask questions.

The joint meeting was followed by a field tour to most of the labs of the National Measurement and Calibration Center, beginning with the Physics Ccalibration Section where students visited the Dimension Lab, the Size and Density Lab, and the Thermal Measurements Lab. At the Mechanical Calibration Section, students saw the Mass Lab, Pressure Lab, and Force Lab. The last one was the "Electrical Calibration Section", where students visited:  the Frequency and Time Lab, the Voltage and Constant Current Lab, the Voltage and AC Current Lab, the Capacitors and Reel Lab, and Resistors Lab.

The student enjoyed and benefited from the lab field tour where they watched closely the Center's method in measurement and calibration procedures.

It is worth mentioning that the Center of Measurement and Calibration is the national authority of keeping all national measurement standards, and the supportive concept was achieved through connecting basic international units with the International Bureau of Weights and Measures (BIPM) in Paris, France. Therefore, it investigates accuracy of measurement and test devices used in industrial and service establishments of all sectors and issue standardization certificates. The center is engaged in various international agreements, the most important of which are the meter agreement and the mutual recognition of calibration certificates agreement.

Then the delegation moved to the other part of the visit, which was the Chemical and Petroleum Production Lab. It is among the Organization's labs which have been established to provide the service of checking and examining the applicability of goods to Saudi standard specifications. It also conducts a range of tests in this area.

The delegation checked both of the organic chemistry and the  petroleum production units in these labs. The first is concerned with examining and analyzing the organic compounds in several materials such as: (Cosmetics, air softeners, food, organic compounds).  A field tour was made to the labs where students saw closely the most important tests conducted at the unit: Detect and estimate the percentage of organic materials, estimate the percentage of fatty acids, and estimate the percentage of alcohols (ethanol and methanol).

The second unit was the petroleum production unit which is concerned with examining and analyzing the following petroleum products: Engine oil, automated transport oil, hydraulic oil, gear oil, industrial oil, gasoline, brake oil, and cooling water. The members of the delegation reviewed the most important conducted tests at the unit: Estimation of viscosity at 40 and 100 Celsius degree, determination of flash point, determination of spill point, estimation of foam properties, estimation of equation figure, determination of fall point, and determination of penetration degree.

This activity is part of the Scientific Committee activities in the Physics Department which aim at developing and enhancing students' scientific level and their relation with their specialization and increase their knowledge about it. Moreover, these activities aim at broadening students' both practical and scientific visions during university studies or after graduation, so that they would be scientifically distinguished for the benefit of their country. 

Department students who took part in the visit are: AbdulraHman Abdulaziz Al-Qash'am, Fahd Naaser Al-Qureini, Basel Abdulmajeed Al-Harbi, MoHammad Salman Al-QaHTaani, Haitham Abdullah Al-Abdulsalam, Abdullah AHmad Al-MaHmoud, Hasan AHmad JammaaH, MoHammad Al-Zahraani, and MoHammad Al-Subai'ee.

Not to forget that Dr. Ra'ed Al-Hathloul (College vice dean for Development and Quality) who strongly thanked Mr. Abdullah Al-Fenisaan (Secretary of the College Vice-Deanship for Development and Quality) for his concrete efforts to organize this successful visit.  


Wednesday 22/01/1437 H 04/11/2015 M

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