Dr. Ahmad Al-KhayyaaT from the Physics Department presents a scientific seminar about gamma-ray and neutron attenuation Coefficients

The Scientific Committee of the Physics Department of the Science College organized a seminar entitled:

  "Studies on Gamma-ray and Neutron Attenuation Coefficients"  

  Associate prof. Dr. Ahmad Mahmoud Al-Khaiyat of  the Physics Department presented the seminar on Tuesday, 9 Rajab, 1436 AH - 28 April, 2015 AD, at 11:00 - 11:30 a.m. in the meeting room of the department.

 On the other hand, the Scientific Committee stated that these seminars were open to all university staff including instructors and students. This aims at spreading the culture of scientific research, motivating it and raising the staff performance in it. They It also serves the objectives of the University to support sciences, technology and innovation.

Tuesday 09/07/1436 H 28/04/2015 M