A lecture entitled "Zinc Oxide Alloys" "Growth and Applications"by Dr. Hamad Albreithen


Dr. Hamad Albreithen from the Physics Department in King Saud University Presents the Final Scientific Seminar at the Physics Department for This Year

    The Scientific Committee at the Physics Department in the College of Science in collaboration with the Deanship of Scientific Research represented by the Research Center at the College organized a seminar entitled: 

 "Zinc Oxide Alloys" "Growth and Applications"

  (Please find below a briefing of the seminar and the respected guest)


    Dr. Hamad Albreithen, staff member of the Department of Physics and Astronomy at King Saud University presented the seminar on Tuesday,16/7/1436 AH – 05/5/ 2015 AD, from 11:00am-  to 11: 30 am in the Grand Hall of the  College of Science.

    On the other hand, the Scientific Committee stated that these seminars were open to all university staff, instructors and students. They aim at spreading the culture of scientific research, motivating and raising performance of its staff. They also serve the objectives of the University to support sciences, technology and creativity.

Tuesday 16/07/1436 H 05/05/2015 M

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