A lecture entitled“Nano Materials and Their Advanced Technological Applications” by Prof. Las’aad Almeer

Lecture Entitled "Nano Materials and Their Advanced Technological Applications"

   As part of the scientific seminars in the Physics Department, the scientific committee organized a seminar on Tuesday, 25/1/ 1436 AH – 18/11/ 2014 AH, entitled:  

            "Nano Materials and their Advanced Technological Applications"

The seminar was presented by Prof. Las'aad Almeer, from the Department

   The researcher presented in the seminar some of the experimental findings in the field of structuring and studying the characteristics of micro particles and micro nano structures as well as fine membranes. He also noted the preparation method of micro nano samples by the (sol-gel) technology, 

   The importance of these materials lies in using them for various technical applications like means of storing energy, gas sensors, and solar cells. They also have important applications in electro light and electronic devices.

    Seminars are presented on Tuesday every week at 11:00 am for a maximum of half an hour in the meeing room of the Department and Discussions and remarks usually take place after the presentation.

    Because of the importance of these seminars in spreading and motivating the culture of scientific research, and their role in enriching discussion about staff members' research concerns, the Department welcomes all faculty staff, instructors and students to attend them.

Tuesday 25/01/1436 H 18/11/2014 M