Seminar Entitled “Magnetic Nano Particles and Medical Uses” by Dr. Mohammad Abdullah Alamin

     The scientific committee of the Physics Department started its activities this hijri year with a scientific seminar on Tuesday, 17/1/1436 AH- 11/11/2014 AD. It was presented by Dr.  Mohammad Abdullah Alamin, associate professor in the Physics Department. The seminar was entitled:

 "Magnetic Nano Particles and Medical Uses"

    Magnetic nano particles is one of the most important fields of nano technologies which has witnessed amazing development in recent years for the huge applications it provides.  Nano magnetic Fe203y-maghemite is the most important of these materials for its various applications 

    During the seminar, some findings were presented. They were about manufacturing and studying characteristics of  Fe2O3γ- maghemite, and studying the possibility of using the heat emitted out of it during passing AC magnetic field for topical treatment of cancer cells.   

     It is worth mentioning that these scientific seminars of the physics department are presented weekly at 11:00 am in the meeting room for not more than half an hour including discussion and comments of the audience. These seminars are open to all University staff members and students,

   These seminars aim at spreading knowledge and encourageing scientific research culture, besides contributing in enriching discussions of department staff members' scientific and research interests.

Tuesday 18/01/1436 H 11/11/2014 M