Lecture entitled “Material Characterization at Low Temperature and High Magnetic Fields “ byDavid Apple from Heidelberge University, Germany

The Scientific Committee at the Physics Department organized its fifth seminar of the academic year 1436 / 1437 AH entitled:

"Material Characterization at Low Temperature and High Magnetic Fields "  

    The seminar was presented by the Expert and Researcher David Apple from Heidelberge University, Germany. That was   on Tuesday , 12/2/1436 AH - 24/11/ 2015 AD at 11:00 am for half an hour.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            The seminar was followed by remarks and questions from the audience.

    David Apple began displaying privileges of using the recording of various physical characteristics at low temperatures. Among which is getting the signals that reflect what is actually happening in the micro construction of the material as its atoms particles become stable which deletes some noise. This is usually attributed to particles movement, therefore an error added to the recorded value of specific characteristics that resemble thermo electrical and magnetic features. This gets measurement at low temperatures more accurate.  He stated that material properties of electrical superconducting are recorded at low temperatures. He also informed Department staff members about a German whole set for conducting studies of physical Material Characterization at Low Temperature which is the latest known systems and properties regarding feeding the system with cold gas and safety precautions.    He assured that research published by researchers who used this set are about 22,000 research works in scientific refereed journals as per Google scholar statistics. He also mentioned that in some cases of magnetic characteristics study which demand a zero value which cannot be reached. However, using this set the zero magnetic value was reached.  The researcher also reviewed the scientific consultant services and technical support which the manufacturing company provides for these sets and by which physical characteristics detection test could be done under high effect of magnetic field.

    This seminar is part of a weekly series organized by the scientific committee at the physics department presented by staff members and researchers of other research parties. They aim at motivating scientific research at the department and getting its members aware of the latest developments in physics sciences of various fields.

 It is worth mentioning here that these seminars are open to all university staff ,instructors, employees and students.

Tuesday 12/02/1437 H 24/11/2015 M