A lecture entitled “Quantum Structures: Surface Manipulation and Physical Stability" by Dr. Hatem Mohammad Alkheir Dherar

        Dr.  Hatem Mohammad Alkheir Dherar, Associate Professor in the Physics Department of the College of Science presented a scientific seminar entitled:

"Quantum Structures: Surface Manipulation and Physical Stability"

    That was last Tuesday, 10/2/1436 AH - 2 / 12 / 2014 AD, at 11:00 am at the meeting room of the Physics Department. The seminar was broadcasted live to the Physics Department at King Abdullah City for Female Students. 

    Dr Hatem said that the idea of shortening dimensions and slowing time resulted in seeing quantum structures and controlling them as it had been foreseen by the Scientist Finmann when he described them as sub rooms decorated with physical sensations which are quantum engulfed then given them physical features. Indeed, the few last decades unveiled the prophecy's credibility.  Until now, these structures face many challenges such as size distribution, instability, in addition to defects on their surface which would affect their physical features.  Dr. Hatem presented in the seminar how to treat their defects and physical stability.

   It is worth mentioning that these scientific seminars of the Physics Department are presented weekly, on Tuesday at 11:00 am in the meeting room for not more than half an hour including discussion and comments of the audience. These seminars are open to all University staff members and students.

Tuesday 10/02/1436 H 02/12/2014 M