Academic Consultation


Vision :

Achieve distinction and efficiency at providing academic consultative services to Science College students as per international quality standards.

Mission :

Academic consultation is an academic, educational, and social service. It aims at identifying the problems that hinder student's ability for academic achievement, especially at adapting with university life and life in general. It also aims at helping and encouraging students to work harder to solve their academic, educational, and psychological problems.


1. Inform students of university and College regulations and help them fully benefit from available programs and guide them to the best studying methods and memorization techniques.

2. Help students select a major that meets their talents, abilities and tendencies and relate them to society's needs, as well as enlighten them of available educational and vocational opportunities and their related admission conditions

3. Raise awareness in university community (student, instructor, and administration) in general about goals and tasks of academic consultation and its role in the educational process.

4. Solve all problems (academic, educational, or psychological) which students face, or would face, during their studies, and find proper solutions that guarantee better academic achievement.

5. Follow-up reports of students' progress through their studies and evaluation, and help those having academic problems for better achievement levels.

6. Discover talents, abilities, and tendencies of outstanding students and direct them for the students' benefit in particular and society in general.

7. Prepare proper environment for studying and   cater for all students'   academic needs.